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WoodShares (WS) is a Bitcoin 2.0 project developed by Bitcoin Suramérica SAS under the DCO (Distributed Collaborative Organization) model.

WoodShares is the first green project developed under a model of DCO (Distributed Collaborative Organization), this approach gives to its members power of decision and control over the funds through their active participation.
WoodShares is a financial derivative, similar to a future that comprise the distributed and collaborative investment on shares of commercial timberlands.

The WoodShares Project has an estimated goal of 1,000 hectares to be cultivated in a term of 20 years, with emissions-crops each year during the first 10 years and benefit of main fellings from the end of year 11th, every year until late year 20, where the value of WS Tokens becomes zero, cause at this point the economic benefits generated for the project, the resources and the corresponding sale of assets (lands) has been fully distributed in form of dividends.

Each hectare of a crop will be divided into Ten Million Tokens (10,000,000) of WoodShares.
The first stage of the product comprises culturing the minimum viable corresponding to 10 Hectares of commercial timberlands, equivalent to an initial issuance of 100,000,000 WS Tokens.
All WS Token will be identical to each other, no matter to which emission belong or in which cultivation they were generated.
This is achieved by the model value leveling of subsequent emissions.

Economic benefit :
-Commercialization of Early Commercial Fellings
During the timberlands culture period, there is an activity called "Entresaca" which consists of a selection of smaller trees and their corresponding fell, to allow that the "bigger and stronger" trees have a better capacity to develop and achieve maximum dimensions.
This felling of the smaller trees, is obviously smaller than the final or main fell, but likewise generate income because the wood is also sold, representing one of the economic benefits of the WS Tokens.

-Commercialization of Main Fell
Involves the felling and sale of all trees belonging to a particular crop and will take place at the point of optimum development of this crop (Depending on the species).
The income obtained from the sale of the timber of the final or main fell corresponds to the main earnings ofWoodShares Project.

- Valuation of Subsequent WS Emissions
Since each WS Token is tied to trees planted in different crops, which grow and increase its value every day, then any subsequent issuance of WS Tokens should be leveled with the preceding emissions, recognizing the value that have had the first emission in the passage of time that has passed since planting until the sale of a subsequent emission.
This leveling is performed as a cashed in later releases sales charge, which is distributed once the sale ends thereof.

-Sale of Lands
The land on which will be held the different crops are purchased for cost optimizations, these lands and their underlying values are linked directly to each WS Token and belong to its heritage, therefore, ended the period of cultivation of a given lote and once finished the felling of the respective trees and the commercialization of the wood, be proceed with the sale of the corresponding land and the distribution of economic resources belonging to such heritage between the WS Tokens holders.

-C02 Bond Trading
The price of a tonne of CO2 captured is currently around USD 12 in the carbon bond voluntary market


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