Urban Leaves

Growing food in urban landscapes


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Mumbai Port Trust
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Site internet http://www.urbanleavesinindia.blogspot.com/


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A group of passionate, gardening crazy , food loving friends.We find joy in growing our own food, sharing farming techniques, cooking recipes, seeds and helping hands, Urban Leaves is laying the foundations of community farms spread across Mumbai.

Each day our stories inspire each other to reach our goal of greening rooftops in Mumbai.... to overcome difficulties and setbacks....to find creative strategies and alternatate resources.


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This is a grass root community project on urban agriculture in one of the biggest city of the planet.

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As Urban Leaves evolves in response to the realities of life in Mumbai and with the diverse contributions of its volunteers, it still follows its mission and vision to

1. Support people to create urban farms and community gardens.

2. Experiment and learn different ways of growing​

3. Integrate people's food habits at home with what is grown and facilitate people's return to living with the cycles of nature

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