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SKEMA Business School Campus de Lille Avenue Willy Brandt 59777 Euralille
FR France


About the project Edit

“La fusée” is a space that was designed, initially, to develop its information ecosystem in order to learn and work differently.
Learning and working while interacting with others through the use of professional web tools, social networks, and new ways to develop knowledge and other forms of learning.

“La fusée” is a space for sharing, contributing, exchanging with others: face-to-face during events or virtually by joining online groups.

“La Fusée” is both a physical and virtual space that makes it possible to:
- Test new teaching approaches
- Discover collaborative tools for project development
- Access facilities and space necessary for the different stages of project development
- Access a space for expressing creative ideas through a digital portfolio to showcase and develop ones potential
- Learn about professional web tools
- Understand new realities (how the web has changed professions, industries, our perception of the world, etc.)

La Fusée is both a virtual and physical space that was launched/opened in April 2010 at the Lille campus of SKEMA. It provides 1000 m2 of space for co-learning and alternative working + a social network! We hope to open other such spaces on other SKEMA campuses. We also hope that this concept will inspire other large schools and universities.

La Fusée is thus intended as an alternative working and learning space that offers events throughout the year such as, Digital Workshops and Discovery Cafés and other projects and events to help inspire new potential for example, the Possibilities Workshops that were given at the grand opening of la Fusée in 2009.

In 1968 people were chanting in the streets: “Be realistic, demand the impossible!”

From 2010 to 2020, the “la fusée” team will be actively and passionately working towards the success of the new school model promoted by SKEMA Business School for the welfare and fate of humanity in business and society with the following slogan: ''Be creative, imagine and invent your potential!''

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

This project is a sandbox where every student is the co-creator of his or her personal and professional growth (entrepreneurship) by developing an information ecosystem for working and learning. Students reconnect with their unique identity, develop and promote their talents, and become aware of their potential by taking very practical actions in areas/industries that interest them. This allows them to gain confidence, identify their potential, and be recognized. They are able to unlearn, question and learn other realities. They are not afraid of change because for them, this project is a playground for taking action and seizing opportunities.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

-Ensure that each individual feels fulfilled and willingly does activities that are meaningful to him or her
-Restore the ability to dream, imagine and free the way to work and learn
- Create more business projects
- Promote local value by using local currency, learning, and contribution
- Revisit the concepts of places to learn, work, and mingle/work
- Promote the significance and wealth of otherness and mix business, students and citizens "to create open spaces" for imagining the future
- Quickly find others who are interested in the same purpose or direction in order to initiate these projects.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

It is another place for co-learning and innovating in other schools or combining two or more schools from different disciplines with companies, research centres to inspire and promote change.

At the association level: revisit activities to be tested by children so that they can discover their passions, different professions, get to know each other better, reveal their talents while using the time and skills of different people from a neighbourhood or a village with the help of funds that can make it possible to afford an education, buy local product, and experience intergenerational connections and exchanges. Reinvent school: places to learn and work; provide an opportunity to live and experiment, using reality and virtuality, by pursuing interests and passions of children at their own speed.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

What is the business model of this project? Edit


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