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About the project Edit

Kissan Krishideepam is a weekly agricultural based informative television program produced by the Indian Institute of Information Technology and management Kerala (IIITM-K) targeted at the entire farming community of Kerala. It forms the forward selective dissemination of dynamic information of value to farmers across entire Kerala. The television program is backed by a toll-free telephone call center and the KISSAN-Kerala portal for asynchronous interaction between viewers (farmers) and to get feedback from the viewers. The Krishideepam program is telecast through satellite channel (three times per week) and at the end of the program, the toll free numbers are being advertised to ensure the interaction between the farmers and the scientists. Apart form this, the DVD`s and CDs are also available for the farmers to view the programme as part of continuous learning. The contents are highly interactive. The video contents are mounted online in collaboration with Google YouTube. The biggest boon is the toll free call centre (1800-25-1661), from where farmers can also take expert advice.

In what ways is this project unique and creative? Edit

Krishideepam is the only agricultural program in the Malayalam channels where the programs are produced directly by the highly qualified, agricultural professionals and research/extension officers from the Department with the help of Media professionals and IT savvy engineers who have several years of field experience. Hence the program has established high level of authenticity, reliability and maintains the superior quality.
Krishideepam is the only program, which provides interactive discussion and follow up action soon after the telecast. The toll free number (1800-425-1661) provides an ample opportunity for the farmers to interact directly with the agricultural experts and seek advises and suggestions soon after the program. The farmers post their questions through the interactive portal ( of kissan kerala and seeks the authentic advisories.

KISSAN-KRISHIDEEPAM TV programme is the first of its kind in whole of India. Care has been taken to see that the programme is given an interesting and catchy presentation, at the same time imparting authentic technical information primarily focusing towards the farming community across Kerala.
Krishideepam is the unique program where each episode carries different segments. Krishideepam has identified more than 16 unique segments, which is an unique presentation style. Eg:- Parichayam, Thullikal, Crop advisory services, technical know-how, method demonstration, weather information, market analysis, question-answer sessions, talk shows, interviews by experts, kissan news, farm advisory etc. are few among them. There is also two repeat telecast of this program.

What is the social value of this project? Edit

To translate the rich academic and practical agricultural information aggregated through the KISSAN-Kerala Network into viewer friendly video/multimedia content to be disseminated through the television network to the doorsteps of the farmers.

To provide the farmers with right information of regional relevance regarding best farming practices, soil and water management, forecast and precautions on pest and disease incidences, weather and market information etc., which are of practical utility, in time.

To empower the farmer with news and information regarding government schemes, assistance from other related agencies, research findings of practical relevance etc., to enable them to take advantage of the various development programmes initiated by various agencies in the farming sector in an integrated manner, in time, without being exploited by any of the intermediaries.

To develop and sustain a platform for interaction between farmers and experts in a more appealing and acceptable form.

To initiate a system for healthy feed back from the beneficiaries of various developmental activities initiated by the government.

To influence a positive change in the agriculture scenario by empowering the farmers with latest information; hence enhance the total agricultural productivity.

What is the potential of this project to expand and develop? Edit

Winner of the Manthan Award South Asia 2008, E-Education CATEGORY
Agriculture education for farmers and the using medium like TV, satellite, telephone, CD/DVDs and Internet clearly indicates that how powerful the oral media could be for the empowerment of the likes of farmers. Kissan Krishideepam in Kerela by Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management, Kerala is doing exactly that. The project aims at providing 'right information at the right time in the right context' to the farmers across the entire state of Kerala and is unique in more than one way. Krishideepam is the first television program directly produced and telecast by State Agricultural Department as part of e-governance, and well received by the farming community in Kerala. The integrated model of the project ensures the speedy aggregation of relevant information from various sources, and disseminate through cross media platforms. Also, the project is supported with an agri-data center with fully professional management to cater various information requirements of the farming community in Kerala.
The programme has completed 247 continuous weekly episodes during the last 5 years over the ASIANET channel, and has gathered widespread acclaim from Kerala and beyond.
The program is telecast during prime time, all Fridays at 5.30 PM and it is very much convenient for the farming community. This ensures maximum viewership and we are sure this far exceeds the viewership of programmes telecast at the same time on other TV channels.
The program reaches globally where the NRI malayalees are greatly benefited and inspired by this program.
The program has established its own digital production facilities with a professional technical back up and project management.
Tremendous feedback is being received on the quality of the programme, both in terms of content as well as style of presentation
The program is produced 100% in digital format, which gives high quality outputs with clarity.

What was the triggering factor of this project? Edit

The first program was launched on 1st November 2003 (The first episode was aired through Asianet Channel at 10.30 AM)
Today the influence of visual media has crossed all the barriers of rural-urban biases and is becoming the most powerful tool in decision making in all the sectors including farming. Moreover the programmes and schemes implemented by the government and other related agencies for the empowerment of farmers are hardly carried to the masses through these media with adequate emphasis.
For the first time in the country, KISSAN-Kerala is building the capability for aggregating at regular intervals such validated information from all over the state using state-of-the-art IT. In this project, we are complementing this capability with a media strategy to provide the farmer with balanced and validated information make the best out of his resources and efforts. A core team of subject experts possessing media and IT skills handles the selection, validation and production of the krishideepam program. The program has a proper blend of balanced, updated and timely farm information, appealing presentation, reliability and feedback, which are essential to sustain a system of this kind.

What is the business model of this project? Edit

Krishideepam is a program directly produced and telecast by State Agricultural Department as part of e-governance.

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